Preclinical Study Supply

Preclinical Drug Supply

Immediate access to samples for preclinical and stability studies in product-like quality.

We manufacture samples for stability as well as for GLP toxicology, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies at a level of quality comparable to that of the final product.

  • straight after completion of formulation development
  • manufactured under LF using pre-sterilized components
  • compounded with certified components
  • filled in the original primary packaging system (vials, liquid prefilled syringe or lyophilised dual chamber syringe)
  • processed according to large scale manufacturing including filter types, filling pumps, holding times, contact materials etc.
  • GMP like documentation

Providing reliable and high quality non-GMP study material at a very early stage of development from our pilot plant significantly reduces time-lines, costs and project risk.

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