Dual Chamber Technology

Lyophilized Dual Chamber Prefillable Syringe

Lyophilized Dual Chamber Prefillable™ Syringe

Processing of Arte’s Lyo Dual Chamber Prefillable syringe to bring clients’ drugs into the world’s most innovative dual chamber device.

Joint Development of a novel lyophilized Dual Chamber Prefillable Syringe System

Arte Corporation and ProJect Pharmaceutics have been working closely on the development of a new type of dual chamber prefillable syringe for freeze-dried pharmaceuticals.

The two companies have joined together with the objective of providing innovative dual-chamber syringes for the global pharmaceutical market. This type of device called Lyo-DCPS will be delivered in standard nests and tubs to comply to the industry standard for aseptic filling of nested syringes. The abbreviation Lyo-DCPS stands for lyophilized dual chamber prefillable syringe.

Teamed-up in new concept development
Arte Corporation contributes its manufacturing expertise of high quality pharmaceutical packaging systems specifically in the field of prefillable syringes. ProJect Pharmaceutics, for its part adds its know-how in developing filling and freeze drying processes and adapts the Lyo-DCPS design to enable GMP- conformity and efficient manufacturing processes for clients´ drug products.

Nested Dual Chamber Syringes for Filling and Freeze Drying on Common Filling Lines
Like conventional mono-chamber syringes Lyo-DCPS will be delivered in standardized nests and tubs and can be filled on widely used nested syringe fillers. The diluent is filled first and can be autoclaved as required by international guidelines. The drug solution is filled into the second chamber and completely sealed on the filling line before entering the freeze drier. Due to its special design, the system opens by itself within the freeze drier enabling lyophilization of the drug solution in presence of the diluent.

The development has reached pilot scale and lyophilization of first customers´ products in the new device has been performed successfully. Sterile nested Lyo-DCPS for GMP manufacturing of drug product will be available shortly.

About Arte Corporation
Arte Corporation based in Tokyo and Takahagi City, Japan, is Japan´s leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass packaging systems like ampoules, vials, cartridges and Prefillable™ syringes.

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